Mumbai: Actress Raveena Tandon in Limelight After Parking Dispute Video Goes Viral

Bandra, 2nd June 2024: Actress Raveena Tandon, who has been away from the film industry for a while, found herself in the spotlight on Saturday night following a parking dispute near Rizvi College in Bandra. A video of the incident, showing Tandon arguing with locals, has gone viral on social media.

The video, shared by a person named Mohsin Shaikh on Instagram and Twitter, captures Tandon in a heated argument with a group of people. In the footage, locals are seen surrounding the actress, and at one point, some individuals appear to push her. Tandon is heard repeatedly stating, “You can’t push me like that,” and mentions that she has called the police in response to a warning from one of the locals about involving the authorities.

According to officials, the altercation occurred on Carter Road near Rizvi College. The incident reportedly began when Tandon’s car driver startled some locals while parking. This led to Tandon stepping in, escalating the situation.

In a further twist, a man named Mohammed has alleged that Tandon assaulted him during the confrontation. This claim, also captured on video, shows Mohammed stating that the police have not registered his complaint. However, police have clarified that no one was injured and that the argument did not involve physical assault but was rather a verbal altercation that intensified.

The police have confirmed that the dispute, which originated over car parking, has now been resolved.