Mumbai International Airport Observes 4.36 Million Passenger Traffic in April 2024, witnesses 9% YoY Growth  

Mumbai, 18th May 2024: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) maintained robust growth in terms of passenger traffic during the month of April 2024. Driven by its exceptional connectivity and top-notch infrastructure, the airport experienced a 131% recovery in passenger numbers, compared to April 2019 (pre-pandemic). In April 2024, CSMIA facilitated the movement of 4.36 million passengers, marking a growth of 42% compared to April 2022 and 9% compared to April 2023, underscoring its status as a premier global aviation hub. The airport’s consistent growth in both domestic and international passenger figures further cement its leading position in the country’s aviation sector.

The airport witnessed a total of 26,870 Air Traffic Movements (ATMs), including 19,892 domestic and 6,978 international ATMs in April 2024. This figure records a 24% growth compared to April 2022 (21,597) and 5% growth compared to April 2023 (25,477). The highest passenger traffic movement in a single day for the month was observed on 14th of April with 156,793 passengers travelling through CSMIA – with 1,13,540 domestic 43,253 international movements.

In April 2024, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad emerged as the leading domestic destinations for CSMIA, while Dubai, Singapore and Abu Dhabi maintained its position as the most favoured international destinations. Cumulatively, domestic carriers secured the top position with the largest market share in the domestic as well as the international sectors. Moreover, the total bags processed at CSMIA during the month were recorded at 3.47 million marking a 11.61% year-on-year surge, compared to April 2023 (3.11 million).

The latest passenger traffic figures at CSMIA highlights the airport’s significant advancements in the aviation industry. This substantial growth underscores CSMIA’s dedication to offering extensive global connectivity, top-tier hospitality, and services, all while prioritizing safety and security to ensure a smooth travel experience for every passenger. With the increasing trend in international travel, CSMIA is committed to reaching greater heights and exceeding passenger expectations, setting new standards for excellence in the global aviation landscape.