Mumbai Resident’s Mother Receives Voter ID Card with Missing Marathi Name

Mumbai, 16th May 2024: As Phase 5 of the Lok Sabha Election 2024 approaches on 20th May, a Mumbai resident encountered an unexpected issue: his mother’s voter ID card, issued by the Election Commission of India (ECI), arrived without her name printed on it.

Expressing disbelief, the Reddit user shared that his mother’s name, in Marathi, was missing from the voter ID card. The image shared by the user displayed empty boxes instead of the woman’s name, indicating a script error.

Seeking guidance from the online community, the user questioned what steps to take regarding the flawed voter ID card.

“This is how my mother received her voter ID. Look at the Marathi names. How can the ECI send it like this?? What to do now?” his post exclaimed.

Responding to the post, netizens raised concerns about whether the faulty voter ID card would be accepted at the polling booth.

“It looks like the Marathi characters didn’t render properly or something. Did someone at the ECI think it was okay to mail this to us? Will this be accepted at the polling booth? Voting is in 5 days, what should we do?” commented one user.

Others questioned the necessity of a voter ID card if one’s name is already on the voter list, suggesting that Aadhar might suffice. Some expressed frustration at the perceived incompetence of the government’s software.

Mumbai, Palghar, Kalyan, and Thane are among the key Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra going to the polls on May 20.

In an effort to encourage voter turnout, hotels and restaurants in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra are offering discounts to customers who show proof of voting. This initiative aims to incentivize participation in the democratic process, with discounts available under schemes like “Pledge to Vote” and “Democracy Discount” on May 20 and May 21.