Comparisons Between Malaika And Me Are Disrespectful: Nora Fatehi

Mumbai, 14th December 2022: Nora Fatehi and Malaika Arora recently talked about the constant comparisons that are made between the two.


In the most recent episode of “Moving in with Malaika”, Nora admitted that she feels disrespected when she is compared to Malaika.
She said, “Malaika has accomplished things that I could never hope to do; you are a part of the growing legacy of Bollywood; that was a glorious era. We discuss the time but not the present day. Because it takes away from the things I am doing, it is disrespectful not only to you but also to me.”


Malaika agreed with Nora’s comments and noted that whenever she appeared on a show, the producers made sure Nora did as well.
Malaika said, “I assumed it was a recurring event that everyone tried to push us against one another and put us on the show.”


Nora asked Malaika if she ever felt awful about doing the same, to which she replied that after all, she is a human.
She said, “On some days, I think, “Oh, that job could have been mine, but now someone else has it,” at the end of the day. That occurs frequently.” These kinds of things can destroy you. You must contend with the fact that someone else may be younger and attractive.”


Malaika and Nora are both renowned for having excellent dancing abilities, and the two have served as judges on several dance-related reality shows.


Recently Malaika and Nora both appeared in Ayushmann Khurrana’s movie, “An Action Hero,” where they both performed in two dance sequences; “Aap Jaisa Koi,” and “Jedha Nasha,” respectively.