Hostel Of Resident Doctors Of Municipal Medical Colleges Will Be Glittering

Mumbai, 2nd November 2022: The hostels housing the medical students will not only be glitzy but will also be equipped with state-of-the-art technology.


These resident doctors say that there are about 4,500 resident doctors in the medical colleges in KEM, Shiv, Nair, Nair Dant, Kupar, and Rajawadi, and their living arrangement is like a dungeon. In a 110 square feet room where two doctors are supposed to stay, three to four people have to live uncomfortably. Some of the rooms, which are quite large, accommodate up to six people. Many buildings of resident doctors are old, and their condition is deplorable. The doctor says that the tiles have been torn off and the paint on the walls has faded. In some places, the question arises as to why toilets should be called ‘washrooms’.


President of the Resident Doctors Association of Municipal Mard, Dr Praveen Dhagay, said, “Earlier, we have requested the municipal administration to make permanent good arrangements for the resident doctors. Generally, there are many difficulties in the residency of resident doctors in all medical colleges. Three to six doctors have to stay in a small space. As a result, it becomes difficult to study at the place of residence. There are many problems with sleeping. In this situation, the battle level needs to change.” The resident doctor says that the administration is expected to take care not to let this situation affect our studies as well as patient care.


Municipal Corporation Additional Commissioner (Health) Dr Sanjeev Kumar, addressing this issue, has decided to ensure that the residences of medical students are not only livable but also equipped with all facilities. Dr Sanjeev Kumar said, ”In two phases, we are going to change the arrangement in the hostel for medical students. For this, an independent agency will be appointed and this agency will be given the responsibility of everything from cleaning and painting the room to Wi-Fi arrangement. In the first phase, doctors’ residences in Kupar, Rajawadi, and Nair hospitals will be arranged. Here they will be provided with all the essential facilities. Arrangements will be made to solve their problems over a phone call or message.”


The tenders will be announced next week. Resident doctors are the backbone of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s health system. There is strength. No one will be able to forget the work done by these doctors during the Corona period, said Dr Sanjeev Kumar. State-of-the-art gym, WiFi, e-library, and necessary security arrangements will be provided for these doctors. An important point of this is to discuss with MARD, the association of resident doctors, what additional arrangements they want. In the second phase, accommodation arrangements will be made for students of medical colleges like KEM, Sion, and others. He also said that construction of some new buildings will also be undertaken and care will be taken so that these doctors will not feel the stress of studying and working after they go to their residence.