Mumbai: Banners Outside Sachin Tendulkar’s House Raise Questions About His Silence On Wrestlers’ Protest

Mumbai, 1st June 2023: Wrestlers have been staging protests against Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, the President of the Wrestlers Federation of India (WFI) and BJP MP, for the past two months in Delhi.

During the inauguration of the new parliament on May 28, one of the protesting wrestlers, who was heading towards the parliament, was arrested by the police. In response, she announced his intention to immerse the medals he had earned in the Ganga. Wrestlers such as Bajrang Punia, Vinesh Phogat, and Sakshi Malik took to social media to express their position on this matter. Prominent figures from various fields have also reacted to this movement.

However, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, often referred to as the God of Cricket, has yet to comment on the issue. As a result, banners questioning Sachin Tendulkar have been placed in front of his house by the Mumbai Youth Congress, asking why he has remained silent. They also raised questions regarding the possibility of him fearing a CBI raid.

The banners, put up by Mumbai Youth Congress spokesperson Ranjita Gore, read, “Voteless Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkarji, why do you remain silent on India’s internal affairs?”

The banners criticize Sachin for responding to a foreign athlete’s comments on the farmers’ movement while choosing not to voice his opinion on domestic issues. Ranjita Gore, the Youth Congress spokesperson, has posed these questions to Sachin Tendulkar. They further ask if he is afraid of CBI, Income Tax, and ED raids or if he is facing any pressure.

The banners continue, “You are a godly figure in the world of sports, a Bharat Ratna, but when some women in the sports world raise their voices against sexual harassment, we fail to witness the same man and humanity in you.”

It is worth mentioning that Sachin Tendulkar was recently appointed as the ‘Smile Ambassador’ for Maharashtra’s Swachh Mukh campaign. In response, Clyde Crasto, the national spokesperson of the Nationalist Congress Party, has challenged Sachin. He tweeted, “Our wrestlers are demanding justice, but the BJP is turning a blind eye to their agitation to protect their MP. Just as you are our pride, the women wrestlers of our country are also our pride. As a sportsman, it is your duty to support your fellow athletes. We hope you will speak up and truly be a ‘Smile Ambassador’ for our wrestlers.”

The absence of a statement from Sachin Tendulkar regarding the ongoing protest by the wrestlers against Brijbhushan Sharan Singh has led to mounting criticism and demands for him to lend his voice to the cause. The banners outside his house serve as a reminder of the expectations people have of him as a sporting icon and a representative of the nation.