Mumbai: Early Morning Tree Cutting Case In Supreme Court; Hearing on Friday

Mumbai, 26th April 2023: The Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) cut trees in the Aarey area on Monday for the ‘Colaba – Bandra – Seepz Metro 3’ route. However, the corporation has been accused of violating several rules during the tree-cutting operations in the early hours of the morning with heavy police presence.

Aarey residents and petitioners against tree cutting have alleged that the MMRC cut more trees than permitted. The petitioners have filed an intervention petition, and the Supreme Court will hear the case on Friday, 28th April.

The issue of Aarey’s car shed and tree cutting has been controversial since the beginning. In 2019, MMRC cut trees in the dark of night after court permission. This time, MMRC started tree-cutting in Aarey early on Monday morning after getting court permission to cut 177 trees, with a fine of Rs 10 lakh imposed. According to MMRC, they cut 124 trees on Monday and will replant the remaining trees.

During the tree-cutting operations, Aarey residents and petitioners objected, and the police maintained a tight presence to prevent entry into the project site. Petitioners alleged that MMRC cut more than 124 trees without permission, and this matter has been brought to the Supreme Court’s notice. Amrita Bhattacharya and Budhiya Bhoye, a resident of Aarey, filed an intervention petition against tree cutting in 2019.


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