Mumbai Municipal Corporation Hospitals Face Shortage In Medicines

Mumbai, 5th January 2023: Due to the availability of free and good healthcare facilities, citizens of Mumbai and its surrounding areas are coming to Mumbai Municipal Corporation Hospitals in large numbers. But for the past few days, there has been a shortage of medicines in the municipal hospitals and the patients have to buy medicines from outside medicine shops at double the price. Also, the relatives of the patients have to buy the blades and many pieces of equipment required for surgery. As a result, patients are suffering financially.

Mumbai Municipal Corporation hospitals are providing modern health facilities and free treatment. Therefore, the poor tend to go to municipal hospitals for treatment. Every day, four to five thousand patients come to the outpatient department of KEM, Shiv and Nair Hospitals of the Municipal Corporation. However, the patients themselves have to buy medicines and medical equipment for a few days. Even the medicines prescribed by the doctors are not available in the hospital. Relatives of the patients say the cost of these medicines is usually Rs 5,000 to 10,000. Due to the shortage of medicines in the hospital, the condition of the patients has become ‘drug tyranny rather than treatment’.

Mumbai Municipal Corporation Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal has allocated Rs 6933.75 crore for the health department in the short budget for the financial year 2022-23. It is expected to provide facilities such as medicines, medical materials, updated equipment, renovation of hospital buildings, among others. However, as the patients coming for treatment in the hospitals do not get medicines, they have to buy medicines from outside medicine shops.

“We have no idea about this. But, we are taking information about the availability of medicines in all hospitals. Immediate action will be taken,” said Sanjeev Kumar, Additional Commissioner (Western Suburbs), Mumbai Municipal Corporation.