Mumbai: Railway Police Officers Caught Smuggling Drugs

Mumbai, 16th November 2022: It has come to light that two policemen of the Kalyan railway police station on the Central Railway route have smuggled narcotics. The crime branch and anti-narcotics squad of Thane city took action on Tuesday as they were selling charas at Durgadi in Kalyan. A case has been registered in the market police station in Kalyan, and police constable Mahesh Wasekar and police constable Ravi Vishey have been arrested. 921 grams of charas worth around Rs two lakh were seized from them. Also, other suspects are being investigated by the Railway Police.


Three complainants from Mumbra had complained to the Anti-Narcotics Squad about the possibility of smuggling around 800 to 900 grams of charas. Accordingly, the team started a search session at various places. Around 3.30 pm on Tuesday, police constable Wasekar and police constable Vishe came on different bikes near Durgadi Fort in Kalyan. After getting the information about this incident, the team left. These two were caught red-handed by the officers of the squad while smuggling narcotics. After that, when both were searched, 921 grams of charas worth two lakhs were found in Vasekar’s possession. After that, a case was registered against both of them, and they were arrested.


Some police officers had checked the bag of a passenger of Rajdhani Express bound for CSMT. Charas was found in the passenger’s bag. Instead of taking action against the concerned passenger, these two police officers have been arrested for smuggling these charas. After this incident came to light, the matter was investigated. The investigation revealed that these police officers checked as many as 11 bags. These officials are checking passengers’ luggage in violation of the rules. Assistant Police Inspectors, Police constables, and others are likely to be investigated in this matter.


Those who work to destroy the next generation will not be cowed. A case has been registered against both of them and both have been arrested by Thane city police. No complaint has been received yet regarding the bag check case of 11 persons. Also, both the railway police are investigating where so many narcotics came from. – Manoj Patil, Lohmarg Deputy Commissioner of Police, Central Railway


“The anti-narcotics squad has caught both of them red-handed. A case has been registered against both, and further proceedings are underway,” said Shivraj Patil, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), Thane City.