2 From Family Slip And Fall On River Ghat While Taking Selfie

Mumbai, 16th October 2022: According to Senior Inspector Prafulla Wagh of Mandvi police station, Neela Damisingh Dasna and Santu Dasna, part of a group of four people, slipped and washed away in the river while taking a selfie. The incident occurred around 6 pm on Saturday.




While taking a selfie at the Ghat of Vaitarna river in the Virar area of Maharashtra, four people slipped and fell into the river. Of these, two were able to escape, but two died due to drowning. Police officials said that both bodies have been recovered. All four were members of the same family.




Senior Inspector Prafulla Wagh of Mandvi police station said that Neela Damisingh Dasna (24) and Santu Dasna (15) were part of a group of four people. “While taking a selfie, they lost their balance and drowned due to the strong current of the waves,” he said.




Damage to crops due to heavy rains:


The crops have suffered a lot after heavy rains in the state. Farmers of Vidarbha and Marathwada are troubled by natural calamities. Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) President Nana Patole has attacked the state government on this matter. He said that the farmers have not yet received the announced assistance of the Shinde-Fadnavis government. The administration is making panchnama at a slow pace and crops have been damaged even after the withdrawal of monsoon.




Patole said this year nature caused a lot of damage to the farmers. Heavy rains lashed parts of the state, including Vidarbha and Marathwada, ruining standing crops in the fields. Soybean, cotton, tur, maize, and millet crops have been ruined. He warned that the government should help the farmers at the earliest, otherwise the Congress party would intensify the state-wide agitation.