AAI provides equal opportunities to women for improved gender diversity

New Delhi, 08th March, 2021: Airports Authority of India, with 137 airports across the length of breadth of the country, provides challenging and fulfilling opportunities to women employees.

Women constitute some 15 percent of the total workforce of AAI and as a sensitive public sector undertaking, AAI has been taking sincere steps towards not only maintaining gender diversity in the organisation but also entrusting females with the leadership positions.

Considering shortage of firefighters due to expansion and new airports coming up, AAI brought in the contemporary rules and decided to recruit women in this field in the year 2018, which required criteria for physical standards. While relaxing the norms, the work description for woman firefighters were exactly the same. Today, AAI is proud to have three women firefighters, effectively doing the job which was once considered men’s domain.

Being the largest airport operator in the country, AAI takes its strength from its women leaders. They are moving up the ladder and heading significant domains ranging from airport operations to engineering, air traffic control and fire services

On the occasion of International Women`s Day, Shri Anuj Aggarwal, Chairman, AAI conveyed the gratitude & best wishes to all female colleagues and said, “We believe that equal opportunity be given to all genders. We are working towards making AAI an organization that counts women No Less and therefore entrust them with leadership positions”

Today, an all-women team handled ATC operations at the country’s busiest Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. The women team manned the entire air traffic control of Delhi Flight Information Region (Entire North India) i.e. control tower, approach control and en-route control units of ATC. Shri I.N. Murthy, Member (ANS) visited the ATC Complex and encouraged the women officers.

The participation of women as Air Traffic Controllers has been increasing with every subsequent batch of trainees because of the safe and professional environment that they experience while achieving career progression.

AAI is proud of its women workforce and wishes them a very Happy International  Women’s Day.