Aashka Goradia: TV Star to Entrepreneurial Mogul’s Success Tale.

11th January 2024: In the dynamic world of Bollywood and TV serials, numerous newcomers enter the industry annually, yet only a handful achieve success. Many find themselves pursuing alternate paths. Amidst the tales of young entrepreneurs founding multi-crore companies and seasoned individuals establishing successful ventures, we present a unique narrative today—a success story where a TV actress decided to transition from acting to entrepreneurship, now heading a multi-crore rupee company.

Let’s delve into the remarkable success story of Aashka Goradia, once a prominent TV actress, who opted to leave the entertainment world, embracing entrepreneurship. In this article, we explore how Aashka made the pivotal decision to step away from acting and went on to establish a business empire worth crores, marking a transformative break in her career.

Aashka Goradia, a renowned TV serial actress, bid farewell to her acting career in 2019, venturing into the business realm. With a longstanding desire to start her own enterprise, Aashka, along with college friends Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah, founded Renee Cosmetics. Surprisingly, Aashka found more success in business than she did in acting, launching a range of cosmetic products under the Renee Cosmetics brand that garnered widespread acclaim, propelling her to success in a remarkably short span.

Established in 2020, Renee Cosmetics, under Aashka’s leadership, achieved an astounding valuation of approximately Rs 800 crore within just two years. Priyank Shah, a company associate, disclosed in an interview that Renee Cosmetics aims to attain a revenue of around Rs 400 crore by 2024. The company boasts a diverse product line with over 200 cosmetic items, available both online and offline, through platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and a network of over 600 physical stores.

Aashka’s entrepreneurial journey includes securing funding from startup investors, accumulating a total funding of $36 million across four rounds. The current valuation of Renee Cosmetics stands at an impressive 100 million dollars, accompanied by substantial annual profits. Aashka’s business triumphs eclipse her achievements in the entertainment industry, setting her apart in a landscape where many Bollywood and TV actresses struggle to match her financial success.