Air Ambulance With COVID Patient Makes Emergency Belly Landing At Mumbai Airport, All Persons Onboard Rescued; Watch Video

Sushant Ranjan
Mumbai, 6th May 2021: An air ambulance with five persons including a COVID patient from Nagpur to Mumbai made an emergency ‘Belly Landing’ at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA), Mumbai. One of the wheels of the aircraft had got separated and fell down after take-off from Nagpur airport.

A Corona patient, his relative, a doctor and two crew members were aboard the aircraft. After the wheel was detached, Mumbai airport was immediately alerted. As soon as the information was received, preparations were made and a full emergency was declared at Mumbai airport and the aircraft made a safe landing as per the plan.

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said, “A Jet Serve Ambulance with a patient onboard lost a wheel during takeoff from Nagpur. Showing immense presence of mind Capt Kesari Singh belly landed the aircraft on foam carpeting in Mumbai. All onboard are safe.”

CSMIA issued a statement, “A full emergency was declared for a non-scheduled Beechcraft VT-JIL aircraft on route from Nagpur to Mumbai. The flight carrying 02 crew members, 01 patient, 01 relative and 01 doctor did a belly-landing at CSMIA at 9.09 pm.

The airport’s emergency response team including the fire and rescue responders, follow-me vehicles, CISF, medical team amongst many others was activated instantly and on standby to provide immediate assistance to ensure the safe evacuation of the passengers.

As a precautionary method, CSMIA also foamed RWY 27 in order to avoid the aircraft catching fire. All passengers were evacuated safely and flights operating in and out of CSMIA remain on schedule.”