Airfares to Normalize Post-Holi, Relief for Travelers Expected from April 1

Patna, March 26, 2024 – Air travelers can anticipate relief from exorbitant ticket prices post-Holi, as airlines announce plans to revert fares to average rates from April 1. The announcement comes amidst escalating ticket prices witnessed in the aftermath of the Holi festival, with flights experiencing a surge in demand and subsequent price hikes.

According to reports from a Jagran correspondent in Patna, the surge in passenger traffic following Holi has led to fierce competition for tickets, resulting in prices soaring to four times the average rates. Destinations such as Delhi, Bengaluru, and Pune have been particularly affected, with ticket prices reaching unprecedented levels.

From March 28 to 31, fares for routes like Mumbai-Delhi have skyrocketed, ranging between 16 to 40 thousand rupees, while fares for Hyderabad, Delhi, and Chennai have surged to 17 to 26 thousand rupees, 8 to 22 thousand rupees, and 17 to 31 thousand rupees respectively.

As the demand for air travel remains high in the immediate aftermath of Holi, airlines anticipate a gradual normalization of ticket prices post-April 1, offering respite to travelers burdened by inflated fares.

In related news, parks in Patna, including the renowned Rajdhani Vatika, are set to reopen on March 27 afternoon following closures during the Holi festival. However, Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park will remain closed on Monday due to its weekly closure policy.

Subodh Kumar, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of Park Division, affirmed the closure of parks during Holi, with plans to reopen them on March 27 afternoon. He also confirmed Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park’s closure on Monday in adherence to its weekly shutdown.

While last year saw the park’s closure on Holi, decisions regarding closure on subsequent days are pending, with Tuesday’s closure yet to be confirmed. However, any closure on Tuesday would also be limited to the afternoon.

As Patna residents prepare to resume recreational activities post-Holi, the reopening of parks signals a return to normalcy after festival-related closures. Additionally, the expected normalization of airfares from April 1 offers hope for travelers seeking affordable options post-festivities.