‘Blue Bottle’ On Juhu Beach, Panic Among Tourists

Mumbai, 22nd July 2022: For the past three-four days, poisonous ‘blue bottle’ jellyfish have been found on the Juhu beach in Mumbai. At present, a large number of tourists are coming to the beach for a walk and because of the ‘blue bottle’, an atmosphere of fear has started spreading among the tourists. The administration is taking care so that the tourists do not face any danger from ‘blue bottle’. Meanwhile, the lifeguards stationed on the beaches are appealing to the tourists not to walk barefoot on the beaches.

Looking like a blue bag filled with air, the ‘Blue Bottle’ jellyfish is also known as the ‘Portuguese man o’ war’. Blue Bottles belong to the ‘Siphonophore’ family. During the rainy season, winds blow from the sea towards the land at high speed. At high tide, waves are hitting the shore. Hence the lighter-weight jellyfish reach the beach. One of them, the ‘Blue Bottle’ jellyfish, is known to be poisonous. The workers of ‘Marine Life of Mumbai’, who have been studying the marine ecosystem of Mumbai for the past few days, saw the ‘Blue Bottle’ on the Juhu beach.

The ‘tentacles’ cells of the ‘blue bottle’ contain a poisonous liquid. Therefore, after being bitten by the ‘Blue Bottle’, a person experiences severe pain. Currently, ‘Blue Bottles’ are being seen in large numbers on the Juhu beach. Therefore, the government is urging people to be alert from the ‘blue bottle’ and not to walk barefoot on the beach.

About three types of jellyfish are found on the shores of Mumbai. Jellyfish come along the shore in certain seasons. Before the monsoons, ‘Blue Button’, ‘Blue Bottle’ during the monsoon and ‘Box’ jellyfish appear on the shore after the monsoon.