BNCA celebrates ‘World Landscape Architecture Month 2022’

Pune, 21 April 2022 : MKSSS’s Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women (BNCA)  organised a workshop on ‘Illustrated Presentation of Landscape’ to mark ‘World Landscape Architecture Month 2022’ . Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Anurag Kashyap, Principal BNCA ,  the  workshop was organized recently. About 100 illustrations prepared during the workshop were displayed in the form of an exhibition.

The exhibition focused on nature, man-made and abstract illustrated representations. It included landscapes, maps, and two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings. About  53 students from BNCA  participated in the workshop and were guided by HoD Landscape Architecture Dr. Swati Sahasrabuddhe, along with Prof. Anupama Bapat, Prof. Kshitija Kolatkar, Prof. Neha Adkar, Prof. Amrita Barve and Dr. Chetan Sahasrabuddhe who also shared their views.

Amidst  diversity in the landscape of Konkan, plain lands plateau , mountainous regions, , Khandesh, Marathwada and Vidarbha of Maharashtra, there is harmony in geographical as well as ecological diversity, opined various experts after seeing the display of illustrations made by students  . The students displayed their works under the guidance of Landscape architect and illustrator Mayuresh Shirodkar, Mr. Naik, Tanuja Godse and Bhavana Chinchwade.

Principal Dr. Kashyap said that while World Landscape Architecture Month is being celebrated all over the world, BNCA has been implementing various initiatives for the last seven years. Any visual art has a profound effect on the human mind. According to the interdisciplinary principle, this year the experts and our students enthusiastically participated in the illustrated presentation of Landscape.

Mr. Naik said that the pictorial presentation of landscape is nature’s creative communication language and can be used effectively both individually and collectively. Adding words to a illustration can convey its meaning more effectively on a broader spectrum. The relationship between the forest, the hills, the sky and the human home is reflected in this.

Mayuresh Shirodkar said that illustrated presentation is a living experience of understanding landscape and its nuances and artistry can be understood on a human level. The length, breadth and depth of nature is wonderfully eloquent. That is what was explained in this workshop.

Dr. Swati Sahastrabuddhe said that every landscape illustrated art carries its own personality and is realized through art. It shows the ‘active trio confluence’ of emotion, intellect and artistry of the person drawing the illustration. It is also an ‘independent language of nature’ and is presented through pictures.

Dr. Chetan Sahasrabuddhe said that unity in diversity in landscape is like finding unity or similar link between different cultures that have been thriving in Maharashtra for centuries on land, in agriculture, in forests and along rivers. He said that the illustrated presentation of geology is an important topic at the academic level and more research is needed on it.