Cancellation of Kalyan-Kasara Block on 13/14.3.2021

Mumbai, 12 March 2021: The Traffic and Power Block on Kalyan-Kasara section on the intervening night of 13/14.3.2021 announced vide PR No.2021/03/15 of 11.3.2021 is cancelled due to unavoidable reasons

However, block will be carried out for launching of FOB girders at Shahad station by road crane from 02.00 hrs to 04.30 hrs

Due to this block, the train running pattern will be as under.

Cancellation of suburban trains on 14.3.2021

a) TL-1 Titwala local leaving CSMT at 05.28 hrs
b) TL-2 CSMT local leaving Titwala at 04.01 hrs

TL-4 CSMT local from Titwala at 04.32 hrs will leave after completion of block.

Regulation of Up Special trains till completion of block

a) 02541 Gorakhpur-LTT Special JCO 12.3.2021 will be regulated at Titwala
b) 02810 Howrah-CSMT Special JCO 12.3.2021 will be regulated at Khadavali

Cancellation of Up Special Train
a) 01142 Adilabad-CSMT Special JCO 13.3.2021

Passengers are requested to note.