CBI Court Sentences Delhi Resident Ashwini Kumar to Three Years in Mumbai Extortion Case, Rakesh Roshan Among the Victims

Mumbai, 10th January 2024: In recent Mumbai news, a special CBI court has sentenced Delhi resident Ashwini Kumar to three years in prison for his involvement in extorting Rs 50 lakhs from businessman Satish Panchariya in 2013, along with another accused named Rajesh Ranjan. Both individuals had posed as CBI officials during this extortion.

Kumar, who suffers from 83% disabilities, was permitted to appear through video conferencing for the pronouncement of the judgment. The court had previously sentenced Rajesh Ranjan to three years’ imprisonment on February 8, 2022. The duo had been accused of extorting money from various individuals, including Bollywood filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, by impersonating CBI officials. It is estimated that they amassed more than Rs 20-Rs 30 crore through these extortion activities.

The trial against Ashwini Kumar was initially separated on December 1, 2021, as he was bedridden and not in a condition to comprehend proceedings. After three years, during which Kumar showed signs of recovery, the court proceeded with the trial and recorded his statement last month. The Bombay High Court, making an exception, allowed him to appear before the court through video conferencing on Monday for the pronouncement of the judgment.