Congress Protest In Mumbai Against ED; Nana Patole Was Taken Into Custody By The Police

Mumbai, 26th July 2022: Congress President Sonia Gandhi is being interrogated by Enforcement Directorate (ED), against which the party is protesting across the country. Meanwhile, the police took action against Rahul Gandhi, who participated in the protest in Delhi, and detained him. After this, Congress leader Nana Patole has also been detained by the police. They were protesting in Mumbai against the action of ED. This time the police detained him.


While Nana Patole was being detained by the police, the Congress workers raised loud slogans like “Jab Jab Modi Darta Hai, Police Ko Aage Karta Hai”.


After the arrest of Nana Patole by the police, he said, “When this agitation was started in a non-violent way according to Mahatma Gandhi, the way the dictatorial government at the centre has adopted the pressure technique. This is our movement against that system of oppression. Now the Congress party has taken the role of answering. A system that sinks the country which is now sitting at the centre. Our agitation against it will be intensified.”


Earlier on July 21, ED had called Sonia Gandhi to the ED office for questioning. She was interrogated for two hours. After that, ED once again called Sonia Gandhi for questioning. Therefore, Congress leaders and activists have become aggressive in many places across the country. They have come to the streets and are protesting against the action of ED. Last month, Rahul Gandhi was also summoned for questioning in the ‘National Herald’ case and was also interrogated.