Controversial Video Surfaces as Mumbai Couple’s Daring Scooter Stunt Sparks Outrage

Mumbai, 15th January 2024: A controversial video circulating on social media has ignited widespread criticism as it features a Mumbai couple engaged in a daring stunt on their scooter. The footage, initially posted by Bandra Buzz, portrays the couple in a tight embrace, with the woman seated on her partner’s lap unconventionally, both without helmets and partially concealed under a shawl.

The video, captured at Bandra Reclamation, not only showcases a public display of affection but also raises serious concerns about road safety. Neither individual is wearing a helmet, prompting worries about the potential dangers associated with such unconventional riding practices. The footage has triggered outrage on social media platforms, with users calling for immediate police intervention.

The accompanying caption in the video, directed at Mumbai Police, expresses concern about the unconventional scooter ride and urges attention to ensure road safety at Bandra Reclamation. The recording, made by a fellow commuter, has intensified calls for swift action to address the risky behaviour displayed in the video.

This incident is not isolated, as a similar video from Delhi featuring a couple hugging while riding a scooter on busy roads gained viral attention last year. The recurring nature of such incidents emphasizes the need for increased awareness and enforcement of road safety measures.