Court Awards Death Sentence To Convict Mohan Chauhan Of The Sakinaka Rape-Murder Case

Mumbai, 2nd June 2022: A court has sentenced the accused of the Sakinaka rape and murder case, Mohan Chauhan to death. The court has called this verdict a rare case. The court said that it is necessary to give strict punishment to the guilty in such cases . The state government had demanded from the court that the accused should be punished. The court accepted the request of the state. The court said that the accused had badly damaged the intestine of the victim due to which her digestive system was completely damaged.

The accused Mohan Chauhan raped a 32-year-old woman in the Sakinaka area of Andheri and then murdered her by putting a weapon in her private part. The accused Mohan Chauhan was a driver by profession. When the matter was being heard in the court, he used to abuse the lawyers from the other party. The public prosecutor had then said that there is no scope for improvement for him.

On Monday, the court convicted Mohan Chauhan in the case of rape and murder. When the convict was asked in the court how much punishment he should get, he started crying loudly and alleging that he had been wrongly implicated in this case. On the other hand, the counsel for the convict said that this is not a rare case as the victim was alive even after the incident and could have been saved with good treatment.

A watchman saw the woman in an injured condition and then informed the police. After this, the victim was taken to Rajawadi Hospital in Ghatkopar where she died a day later. In the medical examination in the hospital, it was found that something had been inserted in her private part, due to which her intestines burst. After taking out the knife, the intestines of the victim had also come out.

The public prosecutor said that after committing the incident, the accused went silent as if he had not done anything. 37 witnesses were presented on behalf of the government in this case. Apart from this, CCTV footage was also included in the evidence.