CritiCare Asia Multispeciality Hospital helps in saving the lives of four people by encouraging organ donation

Mumbai, 21st April 2022: CritiCare Asia Multispeciality Hospital, Kurla (off BKC) in Mumbai recently played an instrumental role in saving the lives of four people, by encouraging organ donation. The hospital counselled a critical patient and their family to opt for the noble cause. A team of doctors from external hospitals retrieved kidneys, lungs and liver from the donor giving new lease of life to critical patients waiting for transplants.

The donor was admitted to CritiCare Asia Multispeciality Hospital, Kurla(off BKC) for Intracranial Bleeding on 22nd March 2022, but later succumbed to his illness and was declared brain dead on 26th March 2022, post proper medical evaluation. The family of the donor was counselled for organ donation as per the defined protocol and his son agreed for the noble cause of donating the organs. The hospital informed ZTCC and connected with hospitals across the city. The consent was procured from the family members before the transplant procedure started.

The liver, kidneys and lungs were transplanted to other hospitals in the city. While liver saved 55 years old and lung saved 47 years old, whereas one kidney was transplanted to 56 years old and another to 31 years old.

Dr. Deepak Namjoshi, Director, CritiCare Asia Multispeciality Hospital said, “We are thankful to the family of the donor for this noble act. We have a highly motivated team of counselling experts who have played a significant role in counselling the donor’s kin and explaining them the importance of organ donation during their distressed time. There should be more awareness about organ donation because we still see people who are hesitant in donating organs. People should know organ donation is a noble cause where you are giving life to one or more critical patients who are in the waiting list for a long time.”

Ms. Masuuma Namjoshi, Director, CritiCare Asia Multispeciality Hospital said, “Organ donation rate in India is one of the lowest in the world. Nearly five lakh people die every year due to the unavailability of organs. A deceased organ donor can save up to 8 lives. Lack of awareness, is one of the primary reasons for the low organ donation rate. There’s an urgent need for creating awareness and encouraging people to donate organs.