Dada Vaswani Chowk named in Mumbai

Mumbai, 11Febriarhowk (junction) at Lokhandwala Complex in Andheri (West) Mumbai has been named Dada J.P. Vaswani Chowk on 9th February 2022. The inauguration was done at the hands of Didi Krishna Kumari, Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Dr. Bharti Lavekar, MLA and Yogiraj Dabhadkar, Corporator.

In a commendable effort, the Dada J.P. Vaswani Chowk was completed in a record time of 5 days. It bears the portrait of Dada J.P. Vaswani. His main teaching is engraved on the marble plaque – Make God real in your daily life. The chowk is located at Oberoi Sky Gardens, opposite Jogger’s Park.

In the inauguration, a formal unveiling was done amidst holy chants and prayers. Next, a ceremony was held across the road at Joggers park where deep gratitude was expressed to Dr. Bharti Lavekar and Yogiraj Dabhadkar for their unrelenting efforts in making this possible in record time and with such a beautiful outcome.

Yogiraj and Bharti appreciated the presence of Didi Krishna Kumari – to have travelled all the way from Pune and assured their full support for any endeavours of Sadhu Vaswani Mission.

Didi in her address and inspirational talk expressed her deep gratitude to them and their team and quoted some soul-stirring instances from the life and teachings of Dada, which were highly inspiring.

Dr. Bharti Lavekar, MLA said, “We have made so many chowks, but not until today have I experienced such happiness ever!” She added that she had attended and always enjoyed many of Dada’s programs, and his books, his philosophy is something she would always treasure.

Hosting the ceremony, Manju Nichani envisioned more such landmarks dedicated to the Revered Master.

The audience time and again cheered the speakers with loud claps. Maharaj Hiranand, the spiritual head from Purshottam Lal Sai temple also blessed the event with his gracious presence and words of wisdom. The sacred Sindhi ‘Bahrano Sahib’ was brought to honour the occasion from Lal Sai Temple, with cheers of ‘Jai Jhulelal’.

The event ended with expressions of gratitude in the hearts and souls of all participants and the global audience that was watching it LIVE on YouTube.