Dashmi’ Trailer Unveils a Modern Take on Ram Rajya

11th January 2024: Numerous movies and television series have portrayed the era of Ramayana, narrating the tale of Lord Ram and Mother Sita in various renditions. Now, fans are poised to witness a distinct depiction of Ram Rajya in the upcoming film ‘Dashmi,’ as its trailer was unveiled recently, offering a fresh perspective.

The trailer vividly portrays the declining moral values within society, emphasizing the urgent need to address the escalating cases of sexual exploitation, transcending boundaries of caste and religion. ‘Dashmi’ emerges as a voice against exploitation and injustice prevailing in contemporary society.

Director Shantanu Tambe expressed his elation about ‘Dashmi,’ highlighting its relevance in the present era. He remarked, “Despite living in a modern age, the struggle for justice persists. ‘Dashmi’ offers an opportunity to confront exploitation and injustice, representing the eternal battle between good and evil. It aims to provoke thought among viewers and presents a unique perspective on the prevailing societal dynamics.” The film’s tagline, ‘Let’s burn Kalyug Ravana by mixing it in the Dashami of Kalyug,’ symbolizes the triumph of righteousness over malevolence in today’s society, aiming to illuminate darkness with new enlightenment. Additionally, the film critically examines societal norms and conservative traditions. Set for release on January 19, ‘Dashmi’ stars Dalljiet Kaur, Vardhan Puri, Gaurav Sareen, Monica Choudhary, Khushi Hazare, Adil Khan, and Swati Semwal.