Decline in COVID restrictions and rise of cloud kitchens leading to a rise in demand for commercial kitchen fittings and equipment on JD Mart

Mumbai, 3 March 2022 : The gradual lifting of COVID restrictions on dining out and the rise of cloud kitchens have resulted in a sentiment revival in the F&B industry with a significant rise in demand for restaurant kitchen fittings and commercial kitchen equipment on JD Mart, India’s latest B2B platform by Just Dial.

Consumer trends on JD Mart report that demand for restaurant kitchen fittings was the highest, 700% YOY, while that for equipment was at 430%. The rise in demand for commercial kitchen equipment augurs well for the F&B industry that was one of the worst impacted industries due to the COVID. The F&B industry has just managed to stay afloat ever since the outbreak of COVID and the emergence of cloud kitchens has been the silver lining for the industry.

And now with things coming back to normalcy and restaurants opening up for normal dining hours, JD Mart has witnessed a 28% rise in all searches under the commercial kitchens category. In Tier-I cities, the rise in searches is at 38% while in Tier-II towns and cities it was 6%. Among other searches in the commercial kitchens category, demand for restaurant dinner wares went up by 45% and kitchen trolleys by 22%.

Commenting on the trends, Mr. Prasun Kumar, CMO, Just Dial, said: “We are delighted to witness green shoots in the F&B industry. Due to COVID restrictions and intermittent lockdowns, the F&B industry was the first to get shut and the last to recover. But now with restrictions being lifted across the country and diners venturing out, we are witnessing a 28% rise in demand for kitchen equipment and dinner wares across the country. This demand is primarily being driven by Tier-I cities as restaurateurs are going ahead with their plans of resumptions and expansion. This rise in searches also indicates to the fact that JD Mart has become the first port of call for all businesses in the country.”

Pune saw maximum demand for kitchen fittings followed by Delhi and Mumbai among Tier-I cities while Nashik, Nanded, Mangalore, Aligarh, and Guntur saw maximum traction among Tier-II cities.

For commercial kitchen equipment, Chennai saw maximum demand followed by Bangalore and Delhi in the second and third place among Tier-I cities. Chandigarh, Coimbatore Srinagar, Gwalior, and Kakinada were the top-5 Tier-II cities that saw maximum demand for kitchen equipment.

Among Tier-I cities, Bengaluru saw maximum demand for restaurant dinner wares while Kolkata and Hyderabad made up the top-3 cities. Gwalior, Cuttack, Nanded, Vijayawada, and Ranchi were the top-5 Tier-II cities that saw maximum demand for dinner wares.

Demand for kitchen trolleys remained the highest in Kolkata followed by Hyderabad and Delhi among Tier-I cities. Srinagar, Mathura, Rajahmundry, Kozhikode, and Kurnool were the top-5 Tier-II towns and cities with maximum searches for kitchen trolleys.