Dombivli East Railway Station Premises Hawker Free, Pedestrians Satisfied As Roads And Footpaths Clear

Dombivli, 2nd November 2022: For the first time in the last 10 years, citizens are expressing satisfaction as the roads and footpaths of the Dombivli East Railway Station area are free from hawkers. C and F ward officials have planned that no hawker will be seen within 150 meters of Dombivli East Railway Station.


Employees of F and C Wards from 8 am to 10 pm in Nehru Road, Phadke Road, Chimanigalli, Baji Prabhu Chowk, Railway Station patrol Rath Road, Rajaji Road, Ramnagar Railway Ticket Counter, Ursekar Wadi area. Due to this constant patrolling, no hawker sets up shop in the railway station area to avoid action. Commuters going to and from work in the morning and evening are expressing their satisfaction as the roads and footpaths are clear.


The commissioner ordered that no hawker will be seen in the railway station area. As Dombivli East has more than 900 hawkers and is the busiest area, the Commissioner has targeted the East area the most. F Ward Assistant Commissioner Dinesh Waghchaure, Squad Chief Murari Joshi, C Ward Assistant Sanjay Sable, and Squad Chief Rajendra Salunkhe are targeting the hawkers from morning to late night with their action team. If any hawker is inadvertently doing business under the roof of the building, his materials are confiscated. Punitive action is being taken against them. The materials of vegetable and fruit sellers blocking the roads are being confiscated.


Bhel, pani puri sellers have been instructed to do business beyond 150 meters from the railway station. 10 years ago, the atmosphere was heated over the hawkers in Dombivli, Kalyan. At that time, the former commissioner was Ramnath Sonwane. The then corporators had made serious allegations against the administration in the General Assembly on the issue of hawkers. At this time, Commissioner Sonawane had ordered the squads to remove all the hawkers to take immediate action. In this, suspension action was warned against those who are lax. Due to the fear of this action, for three consecutive years, not a single hawker was allowed to sit in Dombivli East and West areas by the municipal employees. During the same period, the municipality and the police were successful in removing the Dangat hawkers from Dombivli West.