Double Payment To Farmers For Setting Up Power Towers Through Their Land

Mumbai, 13th October 2022: A decision was taken in the state cabinet meeting on Wednesday to pay double the market price to the farmers for the land used for the towers for the ultra-high pressure transmission lines being constructed at various places in the state. Farmers are compensated for the loss of land and crops while erecting this tower.




However, many farmers are against laying power lines or erecting towers through their fields as the remuneration given for this is low. Due to this, various projects of transmission companies have been stalled. Therefore, it has been decided to change this policy and provide increased assistance. As a result, the power department official claimed that the new policy will speed up the construction of towers and channels and help in power generation.




As per this revised policy, for high pressure transmission lines of more than 66 KV capacity, twice the rate will be paid, whichever is higher, on the basis of the average rate during the recalculation of the land area covered by the tower or the average rate of the land purchase and sale transactions in the last three years. A total of 30% will be paid for the area under the belt of channels passing through the tower plus an additional 15% plus 15% of the ready reckoner or average rate whichever is higher. Also, in exceptional circumstances, the right to determine the appropriate remuneration has been given to the Sub-Divisional Evaluation Committee.




Compensation for crops, fruit trees or other trees will be given as per the prevailing policy of the concerned department. This policy will be applicable to all existing and newly proposed ultra-high pressure transmission line projects from the date of promulgation of the relevant government decision. There will be an Evaluation Committee headed by the Sub Divisional Officer to fix the remuneration.