Evidence-based Onco Nutrition Company, Esperer Launches EsNDC in Hyderabad

Mumbai, 5th October, 2020: Esperer, an evidence based Onco Nutrition company has set up Esperer Nutrition Development Centre (EsNDC), the Research&Development (R&D) Excellence Centre in Hyderabad. EsNDC is the strength the biotech organisation headquartered in Mumbai. Esperer Nutrition is paving the remedial pathway based on science and innovation for best-in-class cancer care through nutrition and food.

At the new EsNDC Esperer will monitor cancer patients to recognise nutritional changes to help develop new nutrition products design and delivery systems for expanding Esperer’s current and future product ranges. EsNDC will observe development and progression of products in a methodical fashion in tandem with co-dependent partnerships and associations keeping the foundational goals of the new centre.

During the launch of EsNDC, Mr. Raktim Chattopadhyay, Founder & CEO at Esperer Onco Nutrition spoke about the guiding philosophy of Esperer and said, “Our organisation stands on the robust and thriving pillars of research. It is only through research on new and existing products developments we will be able to create new paradigms in nutrition to improve the effectiveness of nutrition in the therapeutic cure for cancer. I am sure the new centre in Hyderabad is going to be a constructive block in our existing research infrastructure to promise growth for the company as solid cancer nutrition research nest”.

“Increasing patient compliance and consumer happiness is our maxim and it is going to be an inviolable goal post we shall repeatedly fight for. Starting from the ideation of the product till the product reaches the market, the mission of EsNDC will be to cater products to the medical conditions with more scientific research and backing. We wish to move the patient to higher levels of wellness progressively. Sounding my opinions here, I take a pledge to construct a pylon with the practical calculus of product development needs where ideation will itself go on a possible product design and expansion trail”, said, Dr. Vivek Srivastav, Vice-President R&D and Operation at EON.

The facility in Hyderabad will house a variety of cohesive capabilities including investigative workrooms and product improvement sub-centres with a devoted laboratory for analysing sensory components, packing and taste. The diagnostic lab will be armed with equipment for a comprehensive gamut of dietary examination starting from micronutrient to microbiological analysis and testing.