Graves Of 200 Children Found In A Closed School In Canada, More Than 1000 Graves Found So Far; A Country In Mourning.

Mumbai, 1 July 2021: Chaos ensued after 182 graves were discovered from another school in Canada. This is the third school for the indigenous community from where such a large number of graves have been found. After the discovery of graves, parents fear child abuse and death. According to an AFP report, radar mapping is being used to investigate these graves. So far it has been reported that the graves belong to children between 7 to 15 years of age. The graves have been found from a school named Eugene Mission School. The school was operated by the church from 1912 to 1970 and has remained shut for a long time.
This is the third case where a large number of graves have been discovered in an old school. Earlier in May, graves of 215 children were discovered at Camelopes Indian Residential School. Apart from this, over 750 graves were discovered in another school last week. These three consecutive cases have put Canada’s Justin Trudeau government in shambles. National mourning has been declared in the country on the discovery of these graves. Canada has been asked to keep the national flag at half-mast on Thursday. The graves belonging to the people of the Aboriginal community, who are called the natives of Canada, can also become a big political issue in the coming days.
Justin Trudeau said the Canadian flag will be half bowed, and the Prime Minister added that there are no words left to say on such incidents. Trudeau said, “The graves found today have increased the number even more. It is a matter of concern to find such numerous graves in Canadian residential schools. Words always fall short on such incidents.” He said that on the occasion of the 154th Foundation Day of the country, the national flag should be flown at half-mast. He said that people across the country are doing this in honour of the children whose lives were taken away from them long ago.
Canada Day Will Not Be Celebrated In Many Provinces
Apart from this, there will be no celebration of any kind in many states on the occasion of Canada Day. This is the second year in a row that Canada Day celebrations have been stopped. Earlier last year, the celebrations were stopped due to the coronavirus crisis.