Health Check Up Of One Crore Women By Health Department, But Municipality Is Indifferent

Mumbai, 17th October 2022: About 1.4 crore women have been examined in the ‘Mata Safer to Ghar Safer Abhiyan,’ which was started in the state during the Navratri festival through the Health Department. However, it appears that the municipality is indifferent to this women’s health screening campaign. A shocking fact has come to light that only 2.2 percent of women in their area have been examined by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Nashik, Pune, and Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporations have conducted a health examination of only four percent of women.




This campaign has been started on the initiative of Health Minister Tanaji Sawant and will continue till 15th November 15 2022. In this, the health of three crore women in the state will be examined and the participation of municipalities is considered valuable. But in reality, out of 1,53,66,634 women in the municipal area, only 20,94,904 women have been examined for their health. In terms of percentage, only 13.63 percent of women have undergone health check-ups. At the same time, the health department has examined the health of 1,04,36,941 women elsewhere in the state. That means 22.4 percent of women’s health has been examined.




Health Minister Tanaji Sawant has expressed his displeasure with the speed at which work is being done by the Municipal Corporations in the state when the concept behind this health check-up campaign is ‘Mata Safe, Home Safe’. The Municipal Corporation has a competent health system as Mumbai Municipal Corporation has so far examined the health of only 2.2 percent of women, while in Nashik, Pune, and Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, only four percent of women’s health has been examined.




Tanaji Sawant asked to complete the health check-up of the women speedily and arrange for immediate treatment if any disease is found in the test. Sources in the health department said that six percent of women’s health has been examined. Medical and dental camps are being organized in all government hospitals between 9 am and 2 pm for examination, medication, sonography, and counselling by medical officers and gynaecologists. Sources in the health department said that Asha and Anganwadi health workers and servants are going door to door to inform them about the available facilities.