Increase In MHADA Lottery Amount? Proposal Under Consideration, Final Decision Likely Soon

Mumbai, 2nd November 2022: MHADA is considering the proposal to increase the deposit amount for the allotment of MHADA houses. In this regard, the MHADA Authority and the Mumbai Board are investigating. The exact amount is likely to be decided soon. Meanwhile, there is talk that MHADA is thinking of increasing the deposit amount by five to 10 per cent of the total amount of the house.


The authority is currently working on changing the entire lottery process of MHADA. Many important changes are being made to make the lottery more transparent and curb corruption in the lottery. Many of these changes are of comfort to the aspirants. However, along with the application for a draw, the applicants have to pay the deposit amount as per the income group. The deposit amount is returned to the unsuccessful winners within a few days after the draw. Currently, the deposit amount for the Mumbai-Thane draw is Rs 5,000 for the minimum group, Rs 10,000 for the low group, Rs 15,000 for the middle group, and Rs 20,000 for the high group. According to this deposit amount, the last draw of the Mumbai board of 2019 was conducted.


But now there is a possibility of change and an increase in this deposit amount. Multiple applications are being submitted for houses in Mumbai and Thane. Competition is increasing. In such a case, the needy and willing are staying away from home. Therefore, a high-ranking official of the Mumbai board informed that consideration is being given to increasing the deposit amount so that needy people can participate in the draw. He also said that the amount of this increase will be determined soon. Sources said that in a meeting held in this regard, some officials suggested that five to 10 per cent of the total amount of the house should be charged as a deposit amount. But no final decision has been taken in this regard yet. A decision is expected soon.


If this amount increases, there is a possibility of great difficulty for the people. Because many applicants fill out more than one application form by selecting more options in anticipation of housing. But, if the deposit amount increases, such applicants will not be able to apply more. Therefore, there is a possibility of displeasure from the general public on this decision.