India: Covid-19 Cases and Fatalities per million population amongst the lowest in the world

New Delhi, 7 Dec 2020: India has reported a landmark achievement today. India’s total Active Caseload has fallen below the 4 lakh mark today to 3,96,729. This number translates to just 4.1% of total cases. This is the lowest after 140 days. The total active cases were 3,90,459 on 20thJuly, 2020.

Continuing with the trend of the last 10 days, India has reported more daily recoveries than the daily new cases during the past 24 hours.

While 32,981 new positive cases were found in the country, 39,109 new recoveries were registered during the last 24 hours. The difference of 6,128 between new recoveries and new cases has led to a net decline of 6,519 cases from the total Active Caseload in the last 24 hours.

New cases per million population in India recorded in the past seven days are amongst the lowest in the world; the figure for the last seven days is 182.

The number of cases per million population has also been historically low for India. India’s case per million is 6,988 against the world average of 8,438.

The difference in New Recoveries outnumbering New Cases has also improved the Recovery Rate to 94.45% today.

The total recovered cases are presently 91,39,901. The gap between Recovered Cases and Active Cases has crossed 87 lakhs (87,43,172) today.

81.20% of the new recovered cases are from 10 States/UTs.

Maharashtra has reported the maximum number of single day recoveries with7,486newly recovered cases. Kerala follows with 5,217 new recoveries. Delhi registered 4,622 new recoveries.

76.20% of the new cases are from 10 States and UTs.

Kerala reported the highest daily new cases at 4,777. This is followed by Maharashtra with 4,757 new cases. West Bengal recorded 3,143 new cases.

391case fatalities have been reported in the past 24 hours.

Ten States/UTs account for75.07%of new deaths. Delhi saw the maximum casualties (69). West Bengal and Maharashtra follow with 46 and 40 daily deaths, respectively.

The daily registered deaths per million population during the past week when compared globally demonstrate that India continues to have one of the lowest at 3 deaths/million population.

Even when tabulated on a cumulative basis, India’s death per million population is one of the lowest in the world (101).