India’s Active Caseload continues to decline, stands at 3.32 lakh today

New Delhi, 16 Dec 2020: The ongoing trend of contraction of India’s total active cases continues. The active caseload of the country stands at 3,32,002. The share of Active Cases in the total Positive Cases has further shrunk to 3.34%.

In the last 24 hours, only 26,382 persons were found to be infected with COVID in India. In the same period, India also registered 33,813 new recoveries ensuring a net decline of 7,818 cases in the Active Caseload.

India has recorded less than 40,000 daily new cases since the last 17 days.

The new cases per million population in India in the last 7 days are one of the lowest in the world (147).

Total Recoveries have surpassed 94.5 lakhs (9,456,449). The Recovery Rate has also increased to 95.21%.

76.43% of the new recovered cases are observed to be concentrated in 10 States/UTs.

Kerala has reported the maximum number of single day recoveries with 5,066 newly recovered cases. 4,395 people recovered in Maharashtrain the past 24 hours followed by 2,965 inWest Bengal.

75.84% of the new cases are from 10 States and UTs.

Kerala continues to report the highest daily new cases at 5,218. It is followed by Maharashtra and West Bengal with 3,442 and 2,289 new cases, respectively.

387case fatalities have been reported in the past 24 hours.

Ten States/UTs account for 75.19% of new deaths. Maharashtra saw the maximum casualties (70).West Bengal and Delhi follow with 45 and 41 daily deaths, respectively.

Daily deaths in India are on a sustained decline. Less than 500 daily deaths have been registered for the last 11 days.

New Deaths per million population in India in the last 7 days (2) are one of the lowest in the world.