Instrucko’s Tie-Up with MS Dhoni Global School To Nurture Future Leaders though language

June 2021, Mumbai: instrucko, world’s first EdTech one-to-one language learning platform that uses storytelling methods and provides high-quality tailored language lessons to students aged 3 -15 years, has partnered with MS Dhoni Global School. This 21st century school has been built in association with Microsoft to help children with the latest skills using advanced technology. It equips students with a holistic approach and empowers th em as citizens with the best knowledge to flourish in the modern times. The collaboration is an actualization of the insightful and pioneering outlook of the school and instrucko. The three-year partnership with MS Dhoni Global School enables students to gain international exposure without leaving their country, something that wouldn’t have happened without instrucko. The National Education Policy (NEP 2020) 2020 highlights storytelling, critical thinking and empathy, which is a big part of instrucko’s curriculum. The curriculum for both MS Dhoni Global School includes classes that focus on English, French, & Spanish in 60-minute online groups conducted by a native speaker/teacher who ensure that learning the language is easy, efficient and effective. The lessons are used to set goals and measure the student’s progress and enable personalised learning. Instrucko’s curriculum has been created by experts from University of Oxford and is highly advanced, skilful and global.

On the partnerships with MS Dhoni Global Schoo lDevvaki Aggarwal, Co-Founder & CEO of instrucko said, “instrucko has changed the way kids learn. Our classes not only have far reaching benefits but are also fun and engaging. We have spent thousands of hours in creating content and training teachers, bringing the best of both worlds together. Our objective of associating with MS Dhoni Global School is to provide top notch educational content along with uniform and measurable delivery. At instrucko, we take pride in being leaders who create content focussing on real-world scenarios that are important for future generations. As we grow bigger, we see our partnerships growing too; we want to make international education accessible to millions of children in India.”

“MS Dhoni Global School is a 21st century school that has been built to equip learners with the best facilities and education. We have partnered with instrucko for content, Madhuri Dixit for our dace academy, and Microsoft to facilitate the technology. Our vision is to give access to our students with the world’s best facilities today, which will create futuristic leaders tomorrow.”R Chandrasekar, Chairman, MS Dhoni Global School

The MS Dhoni Global School is known to equip its students with an all-round holistic education that empowers them not only as individuals but also as citizens. The institution plants practical knowledge, strong character, deep social values and self-integrity while also encouraging earth-sensitive ideologies. This blooms kids with empathetic hearts and inquisitive minds who can flourish in the modern times at inter- and intra-personal levels with the help of technology. This 21st century school has changed the way schools work and created an environment to bring out the best in students and allow them to reach their maximum potential.

instrucko facilitates that by providing a means to an end with their avant-garde content that is created by some of the leading illustrators from the UK, including pedigreed Linguists from Oxford University. The material is vetted by seasoned Ex Headmasters, Headmistresses, and Educators across the world, thus ensuring a seamless learning journey propelled through the magic of storytelling. This ingenious process makes sure that each and every student of the instrucko family is always ready for the global stage.