JEE Advanced 2022 results: A pleasant surprise for many students.

Pune, 11th September 2022: JEE witnessed the lowest-ever cutoff this year. Students scoring as low as 15.28 per cent cleared JEE Advanced 2022. Problems asked in JEE were not conceptually very tricky, but most involved lengthy calculations and required some extra reading of long literature. Students with the right exam temperament and patience picked a limited number of problems and solved them with concentration.

“Top performers usually cope very easily with any variation and complexity in the exam. But average students need lots of strategical and motivational inputs to qualify JEE Advanced,” said Mr DC Pandey, arguably the most renowned author for JEE and HOD at Prime Academy Pune. 110 out of 150 students from Prime Academy qualified JEE mains, and more than 60 cleared JEE Advanced 2022. Prime Academy’s success rate of 40% in JEE advanced is way higher than the national success rate of 3%.

“In each paper, just 28 marks were required and that boils down to nine marks per subject per paper. Had a student picked just three questions per subject and solved them without making a silly mistake, s/he would have cleared JEE Advanced. One to two more problems per subject were sufficient to earn a seat in the mecca of engineers, IIT!” said Lalit Kumar, CMD Prime Academy.

Yet another reason for the low cutoff may be Covid. Many students attended only online lectures and might have lacked motivation as they were not in direct touch with their mentors. Sincere candidates must have gained conceptual skills, but due to the lack of the personal touch of teachers, exam temperament and confidence would have suffered.