Koo Reminds Users about their Online Privacy and Safety Rights on World Consumer Rights Day

Mumbai, 16 March 2022: On the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day -2022, the Koo App has reiterated the importance of user protection and privacy on social media, as a broader perspective to consumer rights. As a transparent and responsible social media intermediary – Koo has emphasized the key role that user privacy and safety play in empowering social media users, fostering creativity, and building a positive and progressive digital ecosystem.

Posting from the handle @KooPolicy, the platform reminded users on knowing their privacy and safety rights-https://www.kooapp.com/koo/KooPolicy/b87c2eba-f99d-443f-b517-79532b5e781b

Koo’s transparent Privacy Policy details out the rights users are entitled to while interacting on the platform. These rights include the right to know information that the platform holds about a user, the right to rectify, update or modify this information to ensure accuracy and the right to cancel or erase personal information when inadequate or unnecessary, among other key rights.

Meanwhile, to augment user safety and security online, Koo has in place a structured set of Community Guidelines and Content Moderation Guide which are aligned to the Indian ethos, and empower creators and first-time social media users in building more wholesome content by guiding them on what is permissible or prohibited online.

As grievance redressal is heanother crucial aspect of user rights, Koo has in place robust processes which include a resident Grievance Officer, Nodal Officer and Compliance Officer who work towards quick turnarounds for concerns that are raised. Users can write to grievance.officer@kooapp.com or redressal@kooapp.com for resolution, and also visit the Reporting and Redressal forms page on the Resource Center to view the options for reporting and redressal on various topics.

The largest platform for self-expression in native Indian languages, Koo – which has over 20 million downloads – regularly rolls out initiatives for safeguarding and sensitizing users on staying safe and secure online.