Man From Odisha Ties Son’s Hands & Feet And Leaves Him In Sun; Resulting In His Death


Odisha, 13th June 2022: Odisha Police has arrested a 65-year-old man named Panua Nayak from Koenjhar district for allegedly leaving his 40-year-old son to die in the scorching sun. It is alleged that the elderly tied the hands and feet of the son and put him in the hot sun.


According to police officials, the incident took place in a village named Sanamasinabila. Panua tied the hands and feet of her son Sumant with a plastic rope and put him in the sun at around 2 pm. After this Sumant died. Police said that despite the son repeatedly asking for water, he did not give a drop of water.


According to the police, Sumant did not do any work and had a fight with his father the same day. Two days back Sumant had hit his mother due to which her hip bone was fractured. He often beat up his wife too. He used to harass the family members by drinking alcohol.

When he started fighting with his father too, he tied his hands and feet and threw him outside in the sun.


On Saturday, the highest maximum temperature of 36.6 degrees Celsius was recorded in Koenjhar district. Officials said that the actual temperature was around 40 degrees as the humidity was very high. Doctors say that a common man can tolerate temperature from 24 to 37 degrees. If the heat increases more than this, problems in digestion, filtration, etc starts occuring.