Mumbai: Activist Moves Bombay High Court to Restrict Manoj Jarange Patil’s Entry Amidst Maratha Reservation Protests

Mumbai, 9th January 2024: A Mumbai-based activist, Hemant Patil, has approached the Bombay High Court seeking a restraining order to prevent Manoj Jarange Patil and his supporters, numbering over 2.5 lakh, from entering the city on January 20. The move is in response to Patil’s plans to advocate for reservations for the Maratha community in government jobs and education by January 24, sparking concerns about potential clashes between Marathas and OBCs.


The plea alleges that Jarange Patil has exacerbated tensions between the Marathas and Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and seeks a restraining order against his entry into the city. Hemant Patil has also requested the registration of a First Information Report (FIR) against Jarange Patil, citing offences such as breach of peace, public nuisance, and sedition.


Manoj Jarange Patil had previously undertaken a hunger strike demanding reservations for the Maratha community, which he later withdrew after negotiations with the government. Subsequently, he issued an ultimatum for the government to declare Maratha reservations by January 24, threatening another hunger strike if the demands were not met.


The plea emphasizes the potential for breach of peace and riots between the OBC and Maratha communities, particularly as some OBC leaders are organizing against the Maratha community’s demands for OBC certification. Concerns are also raised about the impact on public life, traffic disruptions, and the potential for riots, posing risks to lives and public properties in Mumbai and Thane.


Hemant Patil’s plea requests the Bombay High Court to issue a restraining order against press conferences, tours, and visits by Jarange Patil related to the Maratha reservation issue. The petitioner contends that the activist’s presence in Mumbai from January 20 onward could lead to heightened tensions and disturbances.