Mumbai: Another Landslide Incident On Pune-Mumbai Expressway; Frequent Occurrences Heighten Safety Concerns Among Passengers

Mumbai, 28th July 2023: The Pune-Mumbai Expressway witnessed yet another landslide incident near the starting point of the Kamshet tunnel yesterday, resulting in significant traffic disruption on this highway. The timely response from the local highway police team ensured that the situation was swiftly addressed, although it caused inconvenience to commuters for some time.

After receiving the information about the landslide, the highway police team immediately initiated the task of clearing the debris, including the slits and stones that had accumulated on the highway. Despite the heavy traffic jam, the police efficiently managed to reroute the Mumbai-bound traffic from the alternate available lane, ensuring the safe movement of vehicles.

Frequent incidents of landslides happening on this route create a sense of fear among the passengers. Four days ago, a crack on the same expressway near Adoshi village caused severe traffic disruption due to the large number of vehicles on the road. The collapse of the crack led to the deposition of mud from the hilly area, forcing the closure of all three lanes heading from Pune to Mumbai.

Interestingly, just two days ago, authorities had undertaken repair work to address dangerous cracks, resulting in a two-hour closure of the highway for commuters.