Mumbai: Applications For Degree Certificates Can Be Submitted Till 17th January

Mumbai, 12th January 2023: The voters’ list is being prepared for the election of the Mumbai University Graduate Constituency. The university has started the process of name registration. Applications can be made to the examination department of the university till 17th January to get the degree certificate required for this registration.

The process of preparing a voter list for the graduation constituency election is underway. A graduation certificate is required for voter registration. The names of the graduates awarded on and before December 2021 are being registered for the Electoral Roll. Many people are unable to register their names due to a lack of degree certificates. Such students can apply to the examination department of Mumbai University till 17th January to get the degree certificate.

Students who have lost their degree certificates are allowed to apply to get a second degree certificate. For this, the graduate will have to submit the final semester mark sheet and the police certificate regarding the missing degree, and the receipt of payment of the prescribed fee, along with the written application to the university. Students have to apply for a degree certificate at Ground Floor, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Bhawan, Mumbai University between 11 am and four pm. The degree certificate will be distributed to the applying students by 24th January.