Mumbai City’s leading bikers to board M2M Ferries this week and embark on the Mumbai- Mandwa adventure

Mumbai, 21st September, 2022: In a unique presentation, 25 bikers will take their wheels and board M2M Ferries from Mumbai to Mandwa on September 25, 2022. Upon reaching Mandwa, they will explore the terrain of the beautiful coastal town on their bikes for long, adventurous rides before they board to be back to the bay. This event has been organised by Amit Jambotkar, a hospitality professional, biking enthusiast and also a leader of the Harley Davidson pack.


These shiny wheels will include bikes from the Harley Davidson, BMW, Triumph, Kawasaki, Honda’s and other stables.


Amit Jambotkar. Director Operations JSM Corporation Pvt. Ltd and also a passionate rider,says “One had always heard of experiences as unique when one visited foreign countries. It is indeed exciting to have this, right here, at home where one is able to board their bike on a ferry, go across to the other side, explore, have fun and return the very same day! And with the end of the monsoons in sight, the bike riding season is about to kick off, so it is safe to say that thanks to the service provided by M2M Ferries, bikers are starting to venture out to the beautiful coastal roads of Mandwa – Alibaug. Back in the day, riding out to Alibaug and returning in a day was far-fetched, as it would be a very tiring and strenuous journey just to get to Alibaug from Mumbai so there wasn’t any time or energy left to explore the coastal roads. But now, we can easily escape our mundane city life to enjoy the ride across the bountiful terrain. M2M Ferries has cut travel time to half and made the commute much easier. This has encouraged us bikers to explore this unexplored geography on our 2 wheels”.


M2M Ferries had announced a record number of passengers that have been ferried this monsoon despite torrential rains. Their service is safe, on time and efficient. This is what makes them the preferred choice for those travelling to Alibaug and even other coastal villages and towns there on.


Aashim Mongia, Director M2M Ferries, shares “ M2M Ferries is looking forward to hosting Amit and his biker gang. Our ferry is a diverse and inclusive service. Everyone is welcome. Through this partnership, we hope to bring to the fore our versatility and ability to accommodate just about anything and anyone who wishes to travel to the other side. The coast of our state is breathtaking, green and has an ethereal ecology. Up until now, we didn’t have easy access to it and that is what prevented most from exploring it. Today, our ferry service has not only bridged this gap but also cut the travel time to less than half which means one can actually go to the other side and return on the same day itself. We aim to transform the waterfront’s recreational spaces into a touristic hub and have also introduced various eateries, activities and entertainment options”.