Mumbai Commuters to Face Disruptions as Western Railway Implements 14-Hour Block

Mumbai, 2nd June 2023: Western Railway has announced a 14-hour block scheduled from Saturday 12 pm to Sunday 2 pm on the Up and Down Slow Line and Up and Down Harbor Line for bridge work between Jogeshwari and Goregaon. As a result, several changes have been made to the local train schedule during this period, and some local train services have been canceled.

During the block period, all Up and Down express lines between Andheri and Goregaon on the Western Railway will be operated on the slow lines. Due to the unavailability of platforms on the express line, local trains will not stop at Ram Mandir station. On the Harbor route operated by Central Railway, all local trains will run only up to Bandra station. For passengers traveling from Churchgate to Borivali, some slow local trains will run up to Andheri, and from there, they will be operated for Churchgate.

The 1.52 pm CSMT-Goregaon local train has been canceled. The last local train on the Down Harbor route, CSMT-Goregaon, before the block, will depart at 11.54 pm and reach Goregaon at 11.49 pm. The last local train on the Up Harbor route will depart from Goregaon at 11.06 pm and reach CSMT at 12.01 pm.

During the block period, Harbor services on the up and down routes between Bandra and Goregaon will not be available. The Churchgate-Borivali local train departing from Churchgate at 12.16 pm and the Churchgate-Borivali local train at 2.50 pm will run only up to Virar. The Borivali-Churchgate local train departing at 1.14 pm and 3 pm has been canceled. Instead, two extra fast local trains will run from Virar to Churchgate at 1.45 pm and 4.15 pm.

Passengers traveling on mail/express trains should expect a delay of 10 to 15 minutes between blocks. Furthermore, there will be no Up and Down local train services available at Ram Mandir station during this period. Western Railway has advised passengers to plan their journeys accordingly and make use of alternative transportation options if necessary.

The block has been scheduled to facilitate essential bridge work, and Western Railway assures passengers that all efforts are being made to minimize inconvenience and complete the work within the stipulated time frame.