Mumbai: Corporation To Spread Awareness About Measles Through Rap Songs

Mumbai, 27th November 2022: The Municipal Corporation is creating public awareness through various means regarding measles and vaccination. Now the municipality is going to take the help of rappers to spread awareness about measles and vaccination. These rappers will guide people to get the measles vaccine through songs. They are also going to give information about the measles epidemic.


Due to the increasing number of measles patients and the outbreak in the wards, various measures are being implemented by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation to deal with the measles epidemic. The awareness campaign started in Govandi, Mankhurd, and Kurla areas is getting success. Many parents are taking the initiative to get their children vaccinated. But given the increasing outbreak of measles, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation is planning various measures for public awareness. Now, the municipality is going to take the help of rappers to convey information about measles to the citizens through the NGO PATH. Volunteers of the NGO PATH will be composing rap-type songs giving various information like symptoms and remedies of measles and the benefits of vaccination. Tapes of the rappers will be shown in the measles outbreak ward. Also, the information will be published through the media.