Mumbai: Case Registered Against Woman For Extorting Money Through Obscene Tapes

Mumbai, 27th November 2022: A 54-year-old man was threatened by a woman for money to stop the broadcast of obscene videos on social media in the Bandra area. In this case, the Bandra police have registered a case under Information Technology Prevention Act against the unknown woman who threatened him for money.


The complainant is a native of Nepal and is currently working as a cook in a hotel in Bandra. He appeared at his work at nine o’clock on Thursday morning. At that time, he received a call on WhatsApp from an unknown number. After answering the phone, he saw a naked woman in front of him. So he switched off the phone and deleted that number. A video was then sent to him on WhatsApp. The complainant was in an offensive position.


They demanded money by threatening to broadcast the footage on social media. Fearing defamation, he sent her about one and a half lakh rupees. Still, she was threatening him for money. After this incident, he rushed to the Bandra Police Station and told the police about the incident. Following his complaint, the police registered a case under various sections of the Prevention of Information Technology Act, including fraud, against the concerned woman. Bandra Police and Cyber Police are investigating these crimes in parallel.