Mumbai Customs Intercepts 1459g MDMA Parcel Worth Rs 2.7 Crore

Mumbai, 26th February 2024: In a major breakthrough, the Airport Special Cargo Commissionerate in Mumbai Customs Zone-III successfully uncovered a clandestine attempt to smuggle 1459 grams of MDMA tablets, valued at a staggering Rs 2.7 crore.

The operation culminated in the arrest of an individual during a meticulously planned controlled delivery of the illicit parcel, conducted in collaboration with postal authorities. The suspect is now in custody as further investigations unfold.

The seamless coordination between the Airport Special Cargo Commissionerate and postal authorities played a pivotal role in intercepting the contraband, highlighting the effectiveness of joint efforts in curbing illegal activities. The Mumbai Customs Zone-III is at the forefront of ensuring the security of cargo shipments, especially in the context of emerging threats such as drug trafficking.