Mumbai: Disturbing Crime Unfolds in Malad East: Woman Stabbed to Death by Alleged Lover

Mumbai, 18th January 2024: In an incident that has sent shockwaves through the Malad East area of Mumbai, a 29-year-old woman, Mainabai Kashinath Giri, was brutally stabbed to death, allegedly by her live-in partner, Baburao More. The tragic event occurred in their shared residence in Kranti Nagar.

Mainabai, originally hailing from Pune, had separated from her husband four years ago and moved to Mumbai. She had since formed a relationship with Baburao More, an auto driver, and the couple had been living together in Kranti Nagar.

Tensions had been escalating between the couple in the days leading up to the incident. The situation reached a boiling point four days prior when Mainabai brought her estranged husband to their shared residence, triggering a dispute between Baburao and Mainabai.

On Thursday evening, the conflict between the couple escalated further. Baburao allegedly lured Mainabai out of their residence, leading to a heated argument. In a fit of rage, he reportedly stabbed her with a knife, causing fatal injuries. Disturbingly, Baburao then turned the weapon on himself, inflicting serious harm.

Residents promptly reported the incident to the Kurar police, who swiftly arrived at the crime scene along with officials from the Mumbai Crime Branch. Mainabai was found in a pool of blood near her residence, while Baburao lay nearby, critically wounded. He was immediately transported to a hospital for urgent medical attention.

Senior Inspector Shashikant Jagdale of the Kurar Police Station, along with officials from the Mumbai Crime Branch, responded to the distressing situation. The exact motive behind Mainabai’s murder remains unclear, and investigations are ongoing. The police have conducted a spot panchnama, sent the body for autopsy to Shatabdi Hospital, and are in the process of registering an FIR.