‘Mumbai Eye’ Project Faces Opposition, Shifted To Alternate Locations

Mumbai, 1st June 2023: Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has decided to relocate the proposed ‘Mumbai Eye’ project after facing strong opposition from local residents and BJP MLA Ashish Shelar. The project, inspired by London Eye, aims to boost tourism in Mumbai by offering a panoramic view of the city and the sea from a glass-covered observation deck.


Initially, Bandra Reclamation was selected as the site for the ‘Mumbai Eye’ project. However, concerns raised by Shelar and local residents regarding increased congestion and traffic issues in the already busy area prompted MMRDA to reconsider the location. As a result, alternative sites such as Mumbai Port Authority, Bandra-Kurla Complex, and Ballard Estate have been suggested for the project.


The ambitious project, estimated to cost around two thousand crores, will feature a high cradle with a diameter of 120 to 150 meters. It is expected to attract tourists who can enjoy the breathtaking views of Mumbai’s skyline and the Arabian Sea. MMRDA recently approved the project and invited tenders for appointing a consultant to assess the technical feasibility and oversee the project’s development.


Recognizing the concerns raised by Shelar and the local community, MMRDA decided to shift the project to a more suitable location. The official from MMRDA confirmed that the tender will be amended to allow suggestions for alternative sites. The final decision on the project’s location will be determined after the consultant completes their study.


The ‘Mumbai Eye’ project holds significant potential to enhance Mumbai’s tourism offerings and provide a unique experience for visitors. MMRDA remains committed to finding a suitable location that balances the project’s objectives with the concerns of the local community. The project’s relocation reflects the importance of addressing public opinions and ensuring the project’s success in the long run.


As the search for a new location continues, MMRDA will engage in consultations with stakeholders and carefully assess the feasibility and impact of each suggested site. The decision on the final location will prioritize the project’s goals while considering the welfare and convenience of the residents and visitors of Mumbai.