Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Reveals Plan to Address Potholes in Mumbai in Candid Interview

Mumbai, 1st June 2023: During a recent podcast interview with YouTuber Raj Shamani, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari shared insights into his contributions to the country’s development and his vision for a better India. The discussion covered various topics, including the issue of potholes in Mumbai.


Responding to a question about when the potholes in Mumbai will be resolved, Gadkari provided a detailed response, outlining his plans for the city. He mentioned the construction of 55 flyovers, the Worli-Bandra sea-link, and the Mumbai-Pune expressway as examples of infrastructure development in Mumbai. Gadkari revealed that he had discussed the issue with Mumbai Municipal Corporation and proposed a comprehensive solution.


“I suggested the implementation of 6 to 8 inches of cement concreting in Mumbai’s roads, which will require an investment of Rs 6000 crore. The Mumbai Commissioner, Iqbal Singh Chahal, has taken up this program and will be implementing it across the city,” Gadkari stated.


During the interview, Gadkari also addressed the challenge of waterlogging during the monsoon season in Mumbai. He emphasized the importance of adapting to changing times and technology, highlighting the need for a specialized drainage system to prevent seawater from entering the city during high tides.


Gadkari’s candid interview shed light on his commitment to infrastructure development and his efforts to provide better transport facilities across the country. The discussion with Raj Shamani touched upon political matters, the country’s economic growth, personal anecdotes, and his vision for a prosperous India.