Mumbai: Hearing In The Supreme Court On 27th September In Aarey Carshed Case

Mumbai, 24th September 2022: The petitions against the Aarey carshed of the ‘Colaba-Bandra-Seepz Metro 3’ route will be heard on 27th September in which the Supreme Court’s reference to the Aarey Carshed case is included. After the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) cut trees for a car shed in Aarey Colony and resumed work, environmentalists have moved to the Supreme Court against it. A total of seven petitions filed earlier are now being heard together in the Supreme Court.

The court has strictly prohibited the cutting of trees in the Aarey. Meanwhile, the hearing was scheduled to be held on 30th August, but this hearing did not take place. The court has fixed the hearing further for 27th September. Environmentalists and petitioners were expressing displeasure as the hearing was being delayed continuously.

But now, everyone’s attention has turned to this hearing of the reference case on 27th September included in the court.