Mumbai: High Tides Impact Access to Haji Ali Dargah Due to Coastal Road Construction

Mumbai, 12th April 2024: The BMC’s Coastal Road project in Mumbai is facing challenges with flooding at the pedestrian underpass (PUP) near Haji Ali Dargah, impacting access during high tides. The ongoing construction of the Coastal Road is causing water drainage issues and leading to the closure of the underpass during high tides.

As a result, the shrine had to be closed on Wednesday from 11:45 am to 2:30 pm due to a high tide of 4.9 meters. The water levels began to recede after 3 pm. Mohammed Ahmed Taher, the administrative officer of the Haji Ali Dargah Trust, noted that access to the shrine has been affected since the construction of the Coastal Road.

Previously, there was a pathway that would naturally drain seawater during high tides, but now, due to the construction, seawater is trapped in the underpass. Taher emphasized the need to completely drain the underpass before allowing devotees access.

The Coastal Road, which spans 10 km, includes around 20 PUPs for pedestrian access. BMC officials have explained that on days of high tide, seawater can enter the underpass, prompting its closure.

To mitigate the impact, the construction of stormwater drains and catchment tanks is underway. Once completed, these measures will help manage seawater overflow by collecting it in tanks and channelling it out through outlets.

Civic activist Zoru Bhathena shared a photograph on social media of one of the pedestrian underpasses, which was waterlogged, highlighting the challenges faced by the project during high tides.